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The mission of ALLSPORTSTARS is to provide opportunity & access for student athletes and their parents to coaches everywhere. ALLSPORTSTARS wants to provide student athletes of all ages with the chance to have their talents and skills seen by coaches, recruiters and scouts. Many student athletes do not have the luxury of being part of an elite program with access to the highest quality coaches and trainers. Because of this type of access, the athletes that enter these established pipelines, have the ability to enhance their education through athletic scholarships by utilizing their athletic abilities. We want to give all student athletes these opportunities.

By creating a large athletic social media network of students-athletes, parents, coaches and scouts, ALLSPORTSTARS will be able to facilitate these opportunities. Student athletes and/or their  parents will be able to create a profile, upload their highlights, films, athletic statistics and academic grades allowing student-athletes and/or their parents the power to be in control of their own brand promotion.

The grade school, middle school & high school athletic pipelines provides the student athletes within an extreme amount of coverage and assists them in their athletic journey to acquire  higher education through athletics.. By giving student athletes the ability to manage their images and videos, they will be able to portray themselves in a unique and positive light. Additionally coaches and trainers across the country will have the capability to filter through a much larger recruitment network of athletes in every sport in a single location.

Social media is a very useful tool. ALLSPORTSTARS will be the first athletic social media network targeting student athletes and establishing a visual athletic timeline of their development . By consolidating student athletes around the world , ALLSPORTSTARS provides its users with the visual athletic and academic resume accessible  to coaches everywhere in hopes of one day being recruited and receiving an athletic scholarship. GET SEEN, GET SCOUTED , GET SIGNED!!!!!!